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Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum

Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
Vitamin C Whitening Face Serum
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Previously people used creams and lotions for skin softening and other skincare purposes. But from the past few years, serums are very popular because of their effectiveness.

Serums are made with very tiny molecules that penetrate the skin and perform there function. Most serums are designed to use before applying moisturizers to lock it into the skin. But now there is a huge variety of serums available in the market. Some of these are for good eyelashes growth, some are for skin brightening, and some are for skincare or anti-aging. Not all of them are good enough to perform their functions, so you need to pick the right one based on your needs.

What does this product promise?

Serums are like magic potions. Dry skin is a big problem, especially in winters, and serums are best to deal with dryness. Once you start using the serum, you will forget lotions. Here is what DR RASHEL VITAMIN C SERUM claims:

Lightweight formula

Heavy beauty products are not good for the skin; you feel like you have put a lot of weight on your face, but it is not the issue with DR RASHEL VITAMIN C SERUM. It is a lightweight formula. When you apply it on your skin, you will feel a bit stickiness for twenty minutes, but after that, it will be absorbed in your skin, and you will feel smoother.

Even skin tone

No one likes an uneven skin tone, but most of us spend a lot of time in sunlight. The environment is much polluted, and dust exposure is another cause of uneven skin tone, so it is a common issue. With this serum, you do not have to worry about this; it will even your skin tone. Moreover, it will also reduce pigmentation and discoloration as it has powerful antioxidants that can neutralize the free radicals of your skin causing damage.

Goodbye to acne marks

Although every person has different skin and we are not sure that it can remove any kind of acne mark, but the fact is it is very helpful in reducing them for most of the people. If you have experienced mild acne, but it left scars on your face, regular use of this serum can prove effective.

Glowing skin

For working women, it is very tough to take care of their skin. Dust particles and smoke from vehicles affect their glow badly, and skin becomes dull. To get your skin glow back, this serum will prove helpful. You will get brighter and glowing skin.

Wrinkle-free face

Aging is a fact we cannot deny. Growing old is not easy; it changes us completely and brings wrinkles to our face. Since your face has the first wrinkle, there is no turning back. You cannot remove them permanently, but you can reduce them by using this amazing serum. It will also reduce the chances of wrinkles in the future.  In other words, we can say that it is an anti-aging formula.

Plumps the skin

When you grow old, your skin becomes thin. It is also because of using unnecessary skincare products. Your skin loses its plumpness. But with the use of this serum, you can get it back and enjoy baby-like skin as it has hyaluronic acid, which is effective to plump skin cells.

Product specifications

·      Product size: 50ml / 69oz

·      Product price: Rs. 799.00

·      It is anti-aging, moisturizing, and skin brightening serum.

·      DR RASHEL VITAMIN C SERUM is available in a glass bottle along with dropper lid.

·      The glass used in its packaging is of good quality.

·      The dropper is also functional.

How to use it?

Before applying any skincare or makeup product, it is necessary to clean your skin. The same applies to this product.

·      Wash your face thoroughly with a good quality face wash and remove all dirt.

·      Take two drops of serum via a dropper and apply it on your face and neck evenly.

·      Massage your skin in a circular motion; it will help in effective absorbance of the serum.

·      You can also use the derma roller after applying the serum to get faster results.

·      For better results, use it twice a day, in the morning before applying make and at night before sleeping.

DR RASHEL VITAMIN C SERUM is an amazing serum considering its price. It is very effective, but it will lose its effectiveness if you keep it near heat. So it is suggested to store it in a cold place like a refrigerator.

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