How to Get Hot School Ball Hairstyles

School ball hair styles should be stylish and funky. Girls love impressing their peers and other friends by adopting variety in their hair styles. They want warmth of heavy locks and coolness of funky touch at the same time. And one more thing! they are hardly satisfied with style they get.

Choose hair style that reflects your personality and clothing style

Hair down

Style hair down can look girlish and elegant. If you want to give a rather decent look, choose this one. It’s fairly easy to do. You can make it at home without help of an expert hair stylist. Get your curl iron and feel free to experiment with various curls thickness. Swoop an area to one side and clip the other side at the back. Using a sparkling and colorful hair accessory will look great. It can also be flowers, if you like it. Make a small twisted strand of the hair on the crown of the head. You can also let your hair hang totally down if you love that style. It’s simple and sleek. Perfect for quiet and decent looking girls. For messy appearance you should not use too much of hair spray, styling gel or mousse.

Half Updo

Use a teasing comb to add volume to the crown of the head. Secure upper art of the hair with stylish pin or a clip. This will keep the sides at the back to create the half up-look. For an added effect, you can twist the outer hair locks before securing them at the back. It will add more style and beauty to it. It’s a modern version of the simple half-updo. For a glamorous effect, put some gems sparingly all over the head. These can be matching with your dress color. If you don’t like too much of monotone, go for a multi-colored stones that can make you center of attention. Spot lights will sparkle when they hit your hair decorations. It’s a startlig addition indeed. Perfect for the ball. They will also roll and dance with you in the ball.

Curls and waves

Most child stars love waves and curls in the locks. It looks innocent and charming on all faces. Its in fact cute and purely girlish. It can look great on little girls too.
Short twists
It’s popular among afrian american girls, and is extremely short. Put on big earrings to make it more attractive.

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