There are many gorgeous shades of blushes available in market, but you can’t pick any of them randomly without thinking. To find how to choose the best blush color for your skin tone is really a problematic thing. But in that case first you have to see your skin tone, and what makes you more perfect with that blush. Blush is meant to be a natural and profound looking makeup. Knowing your skin tone is a key to find a shade that will look perfect on your face. There are three groups of skin.

Blush on For Fair Skin

To choose best blush for fair skin with pink undertones, you should choose the light and soft colors of blush for your skin, if your skin is fair especially with pink undertones choose a gold rose cream blush that clicks with the star’s pink undertone, you can also choose a peach shade, pink shade. Use the highlighter right above where you placed the blush. If you have fair skin with yellow undertones you can apply peach with gold flecks can create a natural look. For fair skin tone, these colors are the best blush.

Best shade for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are the most common with 70%of all women falling for this skin tone category, for medium skin toned you should choose rosy pink and deep peaches. You can also use the sand shade. According to the medium skin, these shades are the best blush for your color skin tone. Don’t use light shades and wine color because it will make you look icy on your face, for highlighting on the medium skin you can use pale golden or warm gold. During the use of blush for medium skin instead of highlighting you can use your clean hands, spread the highlighter all around your cheek bones right above the blush.

Dark Skin

For dark skin tones color, it is extremely tricky to find. For dark skin tones, you can choose from rose to brick-red orange color. The blush on a dark skin tone brightens the face giving a fresh glow. Don’t use to light colors because it will make your skin dull and dim. Keep in mind that you just want to make your cheeks glow, for cheeks high lightening use a gold color is stunning. Use an angled brush, before use any brush always remove the excess dust or any small particles from the brush. Blend this blush backward to the hairline.

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